Begin with the end in mind. So they say. But what would I truly want to pursue? Become entrepreneur? A Corporate Executive? It would’ve been the obvious way forward, being Nyenrode University alumnus and having spent seven years in management positions & strategy consulting. But a deeper calling whispered.

So I quit my job to embark on a journey that took me to the outskirts of our planet, lead me to give away most of my belongings, igniting the Giving is All we Have movement along the way. I became an applauded social entrepreneur, 'visionary leader' and sought-after speaker. Following my heart's desire, a world of infinite possibility opened up. You can read all about it here. Surfing this high of life appeared to be one dimension of life, which completely reshaped my experience of reality.


The other dimension came shortly after I realized that my ultimate end here is: to Become Human on Earth. Simple, you might say. Yet I tumbled into depression and spent over year isolating myself, feeling sorry for myself. An deeply humbling period, in which many aspects of my life crumbled down. During this time I took the opportunity to study cosmology, natural growth and experience how nature re-infused me with life throughout the seasons.

Five years later, yet many lifetimes richer, I dedicate my skills & experience to help people & companies rediscover what it means to be Human.